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Clinical Services

Teletherapy (individual or group) will continue to be the primary mode of service delivery for the spring semester 2021. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis for students in crisis or for those who cannot access remote services.

There will be NO WALK-IN SERVICE during the spring semester. All crisis/urgent appointments should call MHS at (609) 771-2247 for initial screening and to determine next steps.

Access to services remains the same – please fill out an individual or group “request for service” form on OWL.

MHS Services

MHS provides group counseling, brief individual counseling and referral services to TCNJ students. Services are confidential; no record of counseling appears on the student’s permanent academic record. MHS is staffed by a team of licensed mental health professionals as well as interns from both master’s and doctoral degree granting programs, under direct supervision from licensed professionals. During the initial consultation with the student, the student and the therapist will create a plan best suited to meet the students’ needs. Resources that may be included are those within MHS, other campus offices, and/or through an outside provider.

Please familiarize yourself with MHS services:

Group Counseling – All requests for services are first considered for potential group membership in one of our many groups.  Unlike with individual counseling, group attendance is not time-limited.

Individual Counseling – Utilizes a brief counseling  model in order to accommodate the many students who request our services. Brief counseling focuses on the issues or concerns at hand, for resolution of a particular problem. If on-going, continuous therapy would be helpful (or has been helpful in the past), MHS will assist the student with the referral process to an outside provider.

Please note: if you are currently being treated by a mental health professional (including a psychiatrist), we recommend you continue that relationship if possible; for example, by scheduling periodic appointments, phone sessions, etc.  First year students may be eligible for a parking permit given availability and if they meet certain criteria. Learn more about parking exception requests.

Referrals – For those concerns not well matched to a brief model or specialized treatment is required, we offer referrals to local agencies and private practitioners. Check out our new, user-friendly REFERRAL DATABASE.

Crisis Intervention  and evaluation is available as needed.

Peer Education – MHS Peer Educators are trained student advocates who are available for information, support, and referrals. Learn more about this program

Requesting Services – To begin this process, please fill out a Request for Services Form (RFS).

Resources on COVID-19:


COVID-19: Information for Communities and the General Public from NJ Department of Health

Referrals to Off-Campus Service Providers

Examples of when students would be referred to off-campus service providers include the following:

  • Long-term, ongoing individual counseling services 
  • Psychiatric medications and/or refills (also not provided by Student Health Services)
  • Psychiatric evaluation (also not provided by Student Health Services)

Psychological/Educational testing (evaluations for ADHD, etc.) Please contact Disability Support Services for more information.

Online Mental Health Screening

Mental Health Services participates in an online screening service coordinated by College Response, a part of

Screening available for:

  • Depression / Bipolar Disorder (“Manic-Depression”)
  • Alcohol
  • Eating Disorders
  • Anxiety/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Begin Online Screening Program »

Please remember that this online program is not intended as a substitute for a professional evaluation. It is intended as an aid to help you learn about parts of yourself and to identify whether you might want to seek further assistance.