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Request for Services

We are happy you are considering reaching out to CAPS, and we look forward to working with you.

Before we get started, let’s introduce our services. CAPS provides group counseling (long or short term), workshops, brief individual counseling, referral assistance, and urgent appointments. Find out more here. 

Please note: If you are currently being treated by a mental health professional (including a psychiatrist), we recommend you continue that relationship if possible; for example, by scheduling periodic appointments, phone sessions, etc.  First year students may be eligible for a parking permit given availability and if they meet certain criteria. Learn more about parking exception requests. OR, we can assist with locating a long-term provider near campus or through the TCNJ Clinic.

Setting up your initial consultation at CAPS/Setting up Group Membership:[Incoming TCNJ student? Due to eligibility requirements, please wait UNTIL you have arrived on campus before filling out a request form.]

  1. First access the Center for Student Wellness Online Wellness Link (OWL).
  2. Navigate to and log in using your TCNJ user ID and password.
  3. Once logged in, click on ‘Forms and Resources‘ and use the CAPS Request for Services (RFS) form for general requests OR the Request for Group Services (RFGS) form to request group membership.

Please note that completing a RFS will take approximately 5-10 minutes. Our response to set up your consultation will be through the telephone number you provide on the request form or your TCNJ email address

Important: Here are some tips to help avoid any frustration using CAPS’ online service:

1) The online service does not fully, reliably support mobile devices (i.e. smart phones), so a ‘regular’ computer is best.

2) If you encounter any bugs using a laptop and WiFi, switching to a desktop/wired combination will help resolve issues. Thanks for your patience – we are doing our best to work out remaining issues with our online service.

What to expect in your initial consultation: The CAPS team will have reviewed your request thoroughly, and during this brief appointment your concerns will be discussed and a plan will be developed. Options could include group counseling, referral(s) to on or off campus resources, or brief individual counseling. At its core, the process is about matching you with what will best meet your needs.